1. Controlling employees
regarding their health conditions at the moment they are hired as well as during the
first three months at work.
2. Preparation and filling up medical file for each employee.
3. Preparation of the medical checkup file.
4. Preparation of the medical report at work for each employee.
5. Controlling the medical reports for all employees of the company every 6 months.
6. Periodical medical control for each employee (every 15 days).
7. Psychological tests.


1. Employee’s interview (format HBS).
2. Working tools inspection at the premises of the company.
3. Listing of indicative risks at the work place.
4. Filling in the table of the risk evaluation for each of the work place/position.
5. Inspecting the working place environment/ventilation/ noise level/ equipment’s of hygiene and sanity and so on.
6. Preparing the project for fire protection.
7. Preparing the Evacuation Plan in case of civil emergencies.
8. Preparing the electric project for protection against the fire.
9. Preparation of the Risk Evaluation at the Work Place.
10. Preparing the narrative report for the Employer.
11. Analyzing the the forms of the Risk Evaluation and the Security at Work Place.


1. Training of the employees for Protection against the Fire (certificate of attendance).
2. Regular training of employees for the Health and Safety at Work (certificate of attendance)
3. Training of employees regarding Civil Emergencies (certificate of attendance).
4. Identification of the right employees and formation of the Ad Hoc Group to take responsibilities for action in case of emergencies.
5. Regular informative sessions for risks at the work place.
6. Posting of Health and Safety at work signals.


1. Technical and legal advice for preparation of the administrative decisions to establish the Committee of the Health and Safety at Work.
2. Preparation of the internal regulation to establish the Committee of Health and Safety at Work.
3. Preparation of internal regulation for the Health and Safety at Work.
4. Preparation of the File for Accidents happening at work.
5. Appointment of the employee’s representative.
6. Establishment of the Committee of Health and Safety at Work.e


1. Legal support.
2. Preparation and implementation of a personalized software for the company.
3. Training of the personal data personnel.
4. Planning and establishment of a personalized archive system in the server.
5. Inspection of the data processing tools and procedures.
6. Inspection of the electronic tools, servers and if necessary their requalification.
7. Training and advising the appointed employee for data protection at the company.
8. Preparation of the administrative documentation for the personal data protection.
9. Distribution of sensitive documents and materials with dedicated periodically changeable passcodes/passwordse